October 9, 2016

Our Story


Emily and Chad met in early 2012, working for the National Park Service at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area in Page, AZ.  Chad grew up in Page and had been working as a Park Ranger at Glen Canyon for several years already.  Emily was new to town, from San Antonio, TX and coming to Glen Canyon after several years of working as a seasonal Park Ranger in parks all over the country.  Without knowing it, they both caught each others eye the day they met.  As they got to know each other better it became clear to both of them that they shared something more than friendship between them.  After months of anticipation, they finally decided to give it a try and started dating in October of 2012.  It turned out to be the best decision either of them ever made.  Four years later, in October of 2016, they'll be tying the knot in Flagstaff, AZ.  It took awhile to get here, but it was worth the wait!